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Raising the profile of industry leading construction awards Digital Development / PPC / Design, Film, Photography, Animation & Broadcast

NHBC is the UK's leading provider of warranty and insurance for new homes. As part of its mission, it hosts two annual events, 'Building for Tomorrow', and 'Pride in the Job'. The industry events aim to enhance the quality of new-build homes by sharing latest insights and updates, and recognising the outstanding achievements of its members.


Driving attendance and elevating experience

The campaign objectives were to elevate the digital experience for each event, drive awareness within the construction industry, and increase engagement by building anticipation and excitement. Ultimately, the campaigns would be judged on the number of tickets sold and the engagement rate achieved.


A campaign to educate and deliver

The MTM digital team were tasked with providing strategic and tactical expertise to support NHBC in delivering a successful campaign, targeting its B2B audience in the weeks and months before the events. To arrive at our recommended approach, we undertook a programme of competitor and user analysis, aiming to better understand the audience and their interests. We wanted to know what motivates them, and how and where we could engage with them most effectively. From the research findings we also developed key messaging that aligned with NHBC’s objective to educate the industry on the latest insights and make Building for Tomorrow a sell-out event.

Our team also developed a digital application to allow real-time data-management for NHBC’s Pride in Job award database, improving content efficiency when announcing hundreds of award winners.


An integrated approach

Working with the NHBC team, and leveraging the insights we uncovered, we recommended an integrated campaign that would create multiple touch points and reach our target audience across the channels and platforms they were actually using. To this end, we leveraged organic social media activities, combined with paid advertising across social and search to drive traffic to bespoke landing pages, creating an effective user journey built around relevant and engaging content.

NHBC PIJ Website

Interactive, user-centric experience

Fully optimised, interactive landing pages were developed with custom content modules to provide complete flexibility from a back-end perspective, and to deliver a more user-centric experience for all visitors. As a result, NHBC’s team was able to publish more engaging content, provide fast and easy access to key information, and offers an interactive experience that reflected the nature and quality of the events.


Building engagement

By combining accurate insights into our target audience with a proven organic and paid advertising strategy, we were able to achieve above target outcomes across both campaigns. We managed to drive down the cost-per-click price, delivering revenue above expectations, and grow NHBC’s social audience through the use of quality video content, interactive polls, targeted messaging and continual optimisation and campaign refinement.


"With the support and expertise of MTM we were able to deliver our campaign seamlessly across digital channels, successfully beating our ticket sales targets."

Pete Thorns
NHBC, Digital Marketing Manager

Foundation for growth


The campaign strategy has created a framework for future campaigns to be built upon. Our integrated approach ensured brand consistency across all digital touch-points, reflecting the quality of the events and reinforced NHBC’s mission to raise standards in house building by championing high-quality house building.

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