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The MTM Agency’s Think Tank series: valuable insights from our team of experts

The marketing industry is notoriously fast-paced, creating new opportunities to meet audiences' ever-evolving expectations through technology, intelligence and creativity. At The MTM Agency, we're passionate about uncovering the insights and developing the strategies so our brand partners can successfully leverage their opportunities and negate their risks.

In our Think Tank film series, we have turned the camera inwards on our own team to give their perspectives on the latest developments in brand strategies, marketing and technology. Why not tap into the knowledge of The MTM Agency’s team of specialists?

As one of MTM’s founders Gordon Hawes has pointed out, “we have experts in the agency with a massive amount of experience in their respective disciplines, and our film series is a great opportunity for us to animate, and introduce the talent we have for the benefit of anyone wishing to listen”.


Let's talk about data

Let's talk about data: Uncovering the challenges and opportunities of leveraging data features Head of Digital Wes Maynard and Associate Director Richard Broughton. It is a snippet of the pair’s very successful speaking opportunity which took place at the Memberwise Digital Excellence 2023 conference in London on 18th May.

Any modern marketer understands - data reigns supreme. It should be at the heart of every business to understand customer behaviour, recognise available market and opportunities, predict consumer trends, and formulate campaign strategies. Effectively using data will improve a business’s return on investment (ROI) for marketing campaigns, while simultaneously giving greater visibility of the organisation's activities, position and pipeline.

In this edition, the conversation addresses the importance of a solid data strategy, auditing your digital infrastructure to ensure data accuracy and usability, as well as the implementation of industry best practices.

How to achieve quality and completeness, integrated data flows, and relevance to your business objectives in your data set-up are all covered. Catch Let’s talk about data here.

Why not take a look at other films in our Think Tank series, which include: Richard Broughton and Senior Agency Designer Mike Clewer addressing the dilemma – ‘Does my business need a rebrand?; and Technical Operations Manager John Hyde and Developer Stuart Grieg discussing the pros and cons of headless technology in the Content Management System (CMS) applications.

We now have Think Tank Events, a series of presentations and discussions where you can join our agency teams in person. Find out when you can join us for our next event here.