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The marketing industry is notoriously fast-paced, creating new opportunities to meet audiences' ever-evolving expectations through technology, intelligence and creativity. At The MTM Agency, we're passionate about uncovering the insights and developing the strategies so our brand partners can successfully leverage their opportunities and negate their risks.

In our Think Tank film series, we’re turning the camera inwards on our own team to give their perspectives on the latest developments in brand strategies, marketing and technology.

Why not tap into the knowledge of The MTM Agency’s team of specialists?


“We have experts in the agency with a massive amount of experience in their respective disciplines, and our film series is a great opportunity for us to animate, and introduce the talent we have for the benefit of anyone wishing to listen”

Gordon Hawes - Founder, The MTM Agency
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The evolution of measuring PR

Our latest edition of The MTM Agency’s Think Tank series discusses how the PR landscape is evolving, further opening the door to tangible reporting that’s useful to brands. Head of PR and social media, Chloe Buchanan and PR Account Director Bex Pearce, delve into how data insights and effective digital strategy present astute ways to measure PR efforts, and why quality, SEO, and the type of coverage should always be at the forefront of brands’ minds.

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Future-proofing UX

MTM’s brand partner Equity has won an award. The website we designed and built in partnership with the performing arts trade union won Best Organising and Recruitment Tool at the 2023 TUC Trade Union Comms Awards.

As the UK’s trade union dedicated to performers and creative practitioners, one of Equity’s key priorities is accessibility but without sacrificing the creative flair which is integral to the industry it represents and its own brand identity.

The performing arts industry is a dance of creativity and identity. Learn how MTM championed both without compromise, crafting an accessible platform for the industry's best.

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The race to Net Zero

Associate Director Richard Broughton and Head of PR Chloe Buchanan offer advice for businesses to not only maximise investment opportunities, but also engage with increasingly discerning consumers who are choosing to align themselves with brands that reflect their own values.

Stakeholders increasingly expect openness and honesty. The most successful communication engages with the challenges as well as the successes of businesses corporate responsibility initiatives.

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Who cares about film?

Audiences are consuming more video-based content than ever before. The medium dominates internet traffic, especially across social media platforms. Anyone can make a video and put it online. Its impact and effectiveness, however, is contingent on a number of factors.

In this edition of The MTM Agency’s Think Tank series, senior producer Steve Barnes and creative director Darren Vernall discuss how brands can maximise the effectiveness of their investment in video content through better insights and careful planning.

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Does my business need a rebrand?

In any competitive operating environment, maintaining the loyalty of your audiences is a constant challenge. There are many factors to consider but amongst the most critical is ensuring you have a brand identity and positioning that is fresh, desirable and effectively conveys your proposition with clarity and consistency.

We work with our brand partners to navigate and overcome this very challenge, helping them understand the current perception of the brand and answering the question, ‘is it time for a refresh?’.

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Let's talk about data

Any modern marketer understands - data reigns supreme. It should be at the heart of every business to understand customer behaviour, recognise available market and opportunities, predict consumer trends, and formulate campaign strategies.

'Let's talk about data: Uncovering the challenges and opportunities of leveraging data' features Head of Digital Wes Maynard and Associate Director Richard Broughton, and is a snippet of the pair’s very successful speaking opportunity which took place at the Memberwise Digital Excellence 2023 conference in London on 18th May.

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