Social Media News: Bloggabase launched to stop marketers spamming

by Richard Broughton – 6th July 2012

Bloggabase, a service designed to link bloggers with appropriate PR and marketing individuals has launched.

Bloggabase is designed to stop marketers spamming blogs with irrelevant content. Bloggers can sign up for free and specify what they will and will not write about, as well as providing details of their readerships. Marketers can then approach relevant bloggers to review, write about or promote their products or services.

In a bid to stop irrelevant targeting, bloggers can report individuals that have contacted them inappropriately.

The service was set up by PR professionals Andy Barr and Rich Leigh. When 2000 bloggers have registered the service will be opened up to marketers, with free access for up to 24 hours.

Speaking about the service Leigh said, “The thing most marketers forget is that many bloggers do it for the love of blogging about their passion. My hope is that with, the carpet bombing PR tactics marketers have so far employed when contacting bloggers will be replaced with something that benefits both parties – and more importantly, is consensual and targeted.