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Whether it’s realising your digital transformation ambitions, defining your communications strategy or creating highly personalised member experiences, you need an agency partner that understands your operating environment and your audience. Working with the MTM Agency, you’ll be in safe hands and good company.

From leading industry unions like TSSA, Equity and Nautilus International, to NGBs like England and Great Britain Hockey, to specialists like The Law Society, OSRL, British Marine and Superyacht UK, we’ve developed and delivered transformative strategies, uncovering the critical insights to help leading membership organisations increase their relevance and demonstrate their value to members and prospects alike…and we have the results to prove it.


"Top class from start to finish! In a tricky landscape they quickly understood our requirements. They have been great to work with, very responsive, excellent communication... highly recommended!"

Craig Mortimer-Zhika, England Hockey


30+ specialists and a decade of supporting dynamic member-focused organisations

We know that pressure is increasing on in-house teams too, with limited resources but increasing requirements. Our membership clients see us as an extension of their internal digital and comms teams, with the agility and capability to meet almost any requirement, however urgent. So, whether you’re strapped for time to get an event over the line, or you need long-term strategic support to stop attrition and build an engaged community, MTM can help.

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"I truly value the expertise and knowledge that The MTM Agency bring to the table. Often going above and beyond to deliver value - I consider them an extended part of our marketing team rather than a service supplier."

Emma Smillie, Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL)
England Hockey Players

Why membership organisations are going headless to meet their comms objectives

The COVID-19 pandemic drove unprecedented shifts in customer behaviour, massively impacting how brands reach and engage with their audiences. Membership-based organisations were not immune to the changes and many had to adapt quickly to stay ahead of these trends and maintain their relevance.

We saw first-hand how those that acted early and made the right calls benefited from their efforts. We championed the opportunity to invest in digital transformation and personalised experiences and several of our clients increased member retention and acquisition as a result.

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The rise of the headless CMS

One of the key membership trends we’ve seen in the last 18 months, a headless CMS separates back-end content editing functions, including creation, management and storage, from front-end functions (the bit your audience sees), like presentation and delivery. It means you can control all your owned channels from a single place, as well as increase consistency, test new ideas quickly and stay ahead of your member’s expectations.
It’s especially a game changer for membership organisations that produce and distribute lots of content because a headless CMS makes it easier to manage everything you produces across multiple channels. For example, an article created for your website can also be instantly pushed a members’ app, a portal or a third-party channel without you having upload content and assets to multiple systems using a technology called APIs. It also comes with lots of workflow and collaboration benefits that makes the entire process more efficient and increases brand consistency – something that is critically important with your audiences and how they perceive your organisation.
We have helped transport union, TSSA, as well as England Hockey and Great Britain Hockey leverage the benefits of a headless CMS, building new digital presences on the Gartner-recognised Kontent platform for each. Look out for the project case studies to find out more and see the impressive results we achieved.

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The MTM Agency’s many years of experience ensures we understand your markets. It also means that we have built active, personable relationships, and understanding with relevant global media, opening doors for you to be seen and heard in new territories with new audiences.

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Our experience in the world of membership, and the research we have performed, enables us to provide context and clarity to your challenges and develop informed solutions that we can demonstrate will deliver impact and the right ROI.

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