Integrated marketing at its best

When it comes to marketing, there isn't much we haven't seen, so if you need something specific – just shout.

Brand strategy

Developing an effective marketing or brand strategy is all about uncovering the decisive insights that unlock creativity and utilise the cumulative knowledge of MTM and you. Because of this, strategy development is most successful when performed in collaboration – between you, your audience and us.

When it comes to strategy, our decisions are always underpinned by sound and rigorous thinking. We dig deep, we challenge, we question and, most importantly, we listen to you and the market. We use this gathered intelligence to devise an effective approach that will cut through the noise and genuinely connect with your audience.


MTM’s marketing teams are experts at delivering exciting, highly-tailored, effective solutions designed to build brand profile, meet individual challenges and provide tangible opportunities to generate sales.


From putting in place market, brand and consumer research, to designing a new advertising campaign or developing an overall marketing strategy, MTM can ensure that your organisation is highly visible, well positioned and furnished with the opportunities you need to reach your audience and influence their decisions.


Using creative flair and technical expertise, we design and build digital solutions that provide our clients with dynamic and engaging customer interfaces that directly reflect the brand and the business.

We plan and implement impactful social media campaigns that exploit the latest and most appropriate digital channels for your benefit – and we don’t stop there. We’re committed to helping you understand the digital landscape and the right solutions to gain value from your marketing.

Brand image

If you want your brand to reach iconic status, you need an identity that is consistent and unique, and sets an industry benchmark against which your competition will be judged. Well-executed branding should represent your organisation’s persona effortlessly; it should reflect the vision and culture of your organisation, and the promises you make to your customers.

At MTM we work with you to create powerful, cohesive brand identities that help our clients to tell their own distinctive story through the right balance of typography, colour and imagery.


When it comes to creative, we believe in elegant simplicity – ensuring your message stands out regardless of the channel, audience or medium. We design to connect with real people in the real world through print, packaging, and digital media and film.


We work with you to identify the messages and channels that are right for you; we conceive exciting strategies and craft them into original and functional solutions. By combining creative concepts with effective design and appropriate messages, we create communications that will captivate your audience and bring them closer to you and your brand.

Public relations and content creation

We believe that dynamic and creative storytelling is how we make sense of the world in which we live. The content we create – and the channels we use to deliver it – is how we encourage behavioural change and deliver on your objectives.

Our approach to PR and content creation focuses on developing a bespoke, creative PR strategy tailored to reach specific audiences and achieve specific goals. By taking the time to understand your targets and the channels they use, we develop an authentic position of authority for your brand. We invest time talking to the main influencers to define and refine our approach based on qualitative information…to ensure you have the best opportunity to be heard.

Film and animation

We understand the impact video can have – bringing an idea to life or enabling complex messages to be explained in a way that is both engaging and informative to its audience. Key to creating effective videos and animation is asking the right questions, listening to the answers and appreciating the challenge before arriving at an exciting creative solution. Only once we have a firm and agreed understanding of your objectives do we move to the concept stage, which is where the excitement really starts. We guide you through the process of developing the concept and production, keeping you informed at every stage and agreeing all the relevant steps in advance so you have total visibility of our progress.

Covering 2D, CG, stop motion, graphics and live action filming, MTM is constantly finding ways of exploiting new digital possibilities to create innovative experiences for our clients.